Each age group has its own unique needs and issues.

For example:
A young person without dependents needs more disability cover rather than life cover. I personally know of two men their 20’s who had car accidents that left them paralyzed. Disability cover is cheap at that age and can literally be a quality-of-life saver.

As one gets older, the need for life cover increases as one typically has dependents and debt.

I have identified five broad life stages:

Millennials (younger than 35)

Happy Families (35 – 45)

Onward and Upwards (45 – 55)

Consolidating (55 – 65)

Retirement (65 and older)

Choose your life stage and see what sort of issues you should be considering.  Then feel free to call me to help you get financially well as these are just pointers and don’t apply to everyone. No two cases are the same, but together we will work through the situation and get you on your way to being financially well.
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