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Consolidating (55 -65)


You are in the last stretch career wise.  Your children have left home (and have probably returned).

You typically have to pay for tertiary education.  The reality of what you are going to live on in retirement is starting to loom large.

Life Cover

  • You will need small amounts of cover to cover any debt and to make provision for estate duty.


  • No longer a critical need.

 Critical Illness cover

  • Probably the most important risk cover that you have.

 Retirement savings

  • You need to start aligning your pension fund investments with the type of pension you want to choose.
  • Preserve your money when you change jobs.
  • You should invest as much as possible into retirement annuities. Speak to me about how to recycle money to maximise the tax breaks.


  • You need a decent medical scheme with Gap cover.


  • Create an emergency fund for short term cash crises.
  • Estate planning is an important consideration.