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Happy Families (35 – 45)


You are starting to move up career wise and are starting to get on top of things financially.  You will probably have children and need to factor them into your planning.

Life Cover

  • You will need a decent amount to cover any debt and to make provision for your family.


  • You need cover to protect yourself and your family during these critical years.

Critical Illness cover 

  • Most heart attacks happen in the early 40s. You need this cover to protect your family’s finances should you get cancer or have a heart attack.

Retirement savings

  • You can still afford to be aggressive in your pension fund investments.
  • Preserve your money when you change jobs.
  • You should be getting into your higher earning years so look at the tax breaks from investing in a retirement annuity.


  • You need a decent medical scheme with Gap cover.


  • Create an emergency fund for short term cash crises.
  • Pay off any debt before you invest in any fancy schemes .