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Onwards and Upwards (45 – 55)


You are hitting your peak career wise and your earnings are starting to outstrip your expenditure.  You are starting to enjoy something you haven’t seen since your early 20s – disposable income.

Life Cover

  • You will need a decent amount to cover any debt and to make provision for your family.


  • You need cover to protect yourself and your family.

Critical Illness cover 

  • If you haven’t had one, you will have had friends that have had a critical illness. You need this cover.

Retirement savings

  • You need to start being less aggressive with your pension fund investments but must still look to be in growth assets.
  • Preserve your money when you change jobs.
  • You should invest as much as possible into retirement annuities as there are decent tax breaks and you can start maturing them from the age of 55.


  • You need a decent medical scheme with Gap cover.


  • Create an emergency fund for short term cash crises.
  • Start considering estate planning when structuring your investments.