I am a certified Financial Planner and am an accredited financial adviser with the FSCA.  I am completely independent and am accredited to do business with most companies.  

My compliance and professional indemnity insurances are provided by Succession Financial Planning (FSP number 41158). 

I am also a registered tax practitioner with a registration number of PR1058555. 

Fact finding meeting

I do not charge for the fact-finding meeting where we chat about your needs and explore whether I can add value.

Financial Planning Fees

I am not in favour of high upfront commissions; my approach is to look after your assets over the long term and help you grow your wealth.  

I will review your investments regularly and suggest changes when needed.   For this I charge an annual fee of 0.5%  

If you do not believe that I can add more than 0.5% in value to you each year, then you should not be using me.

My fees for single premium investments are competitively priced and are generally less than what is charged by others in the industry: 

 Industry FeeWhat I charge
Initial investment fee for investments5%1%
Ongoing investment fees for portfolios less than R10m1%0.5%
Life Annuities1.5%1.5%

For portfolio takeovers and investments that are larger than R10m, I will reduce the fee, depending on the complexity of the investment.

These figures exclude VAT

No fee is directly paid by you, I would receive a fee from the companies whose products I use for your solution.  I receive the same fee from all the companies so there is no incentive for me to use a particular product supplier.

Advice meetings

If you need specific advice on financial matters.  I can offer a service where I charge an hourly rate.

This is ideal if you would like me to look at a particular aspect of your financial planning or get a second opinion. 

These would include: 

  • Evaluating your current financial arrangements to see if there are any inefficiencies
  • Retirement planning
  • Evaluating your offshore holdings
  • Estate planning
  • Getting a second opinion on your financial arrangements with your existing advisor

I charge my time out at R1 600 an hour excluding VAT.    

Typical time taken for larger financial exercises are as follows:    

Second opinion on your finances with report4 to 10 hours
Retirement plan 4 to 10  hours
Estate Plan4 to 10 hours

Should you decide to use me to implement a solution then this fee would be deducted from any initial fee I receive from a product supplier.

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Group and Wellness Day talks

Group and Wellness Day talks

What I charge for presentation to groups

I am an independent financial coach and help people understand the often-bewildering world of finance and retirement.  

I love explaining complicated financial terms in plain and understandable English, with which in turn I aim to empower my clients.  As part of this, I write a weekly financial column for the Daily Maverick 168 on various topics within the field, to educate and inform more people to get ahead of the game.

I offer group presentations, workshops and webinars.  

I can tailor my sessions to meet the specific needs of your group.

Below are some ideas of topics I can talk about.  I am, however, able to talk about most aspects of personal finance so do not be limited by this list.

  • How much should I save for retirement?
  • How to get out of debt
  • How to prepare for retirement



My prices are as follows: 

  Standard Pricing  Wholesale pricing for multiple bookings 
 1 hour talk                                                     5,000                                                     4,000
 3 hour workshop                                                  12,000                                                     9,600
 Full day workshop                                                  20,000                                                  16,000

My Credentials 

As aforementioned, I am a Certified Financial Planner and am registered with the FSCA.  I passed the financial mathematics course given by the Institute of Actuaries in London, hold an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch and have a post graduate teaching diploma from UCT. I also once ran the communications division for a large financial services company.

After more than 30 years in the financial services industry, I retired from corporate life last year and have set up a consultancy to help people manage their finances. 

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Free talks to groups

Free talks to groups

Empowerment for the masses

I set aside roughly 100 hours each year to help people become financially well.

I provide talks to qualifying groups free of charge.  Typical groups would include:

  • School groups
  • Old age homes
  • Church Groups
  • Social groups
  • Book clubs

These talks can be provided in person or via Zoom.

Drop me an email at kenny@financialwellnesscoach.co.za 

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