The financial well-being of your employees impacts on their performance in the workplace and their overall wellness.

Staff who are worrying about their finances cannot perform.

Wellness days need to look beyond physical health. In addition to fitness challenges, healthy eating, and medical checkups. By adding in financial wellness, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of your employees.

We can help you financial wellness initiatives into your annual wellness programs.
This is where Kenny Meiring, from Financial Wellness Coach, can help you make a lasting difference to how your employees approach savings, retirement and more!

Kenny is a Certified Financial Planner and personal finance columnist for the Daily Maverick. He comes with several decades of experience working with the largest financial institutions in South Africa. He is also one of a handful of people in South Africa to hold both Life and Pension fellowships from the Institute of Life and Pensions Advisers.

How to budget

How to get out of debt

How to invest

Retirement planning

My services are highly adaptable and can be expertly tailored to align with the distinct needs of your organization. Furthermore, I am equipped to conduct comprehensive workshops within corporate settings, specifically designed to support employees during pivotal life transitions, including but not limited to periods of retrenchment and retirement.

In today's dynamic business landscape, a one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices. Recognizing this, I pride myself on my ability to craft sessions that resonate with the unique challenges and aspirations of your company. By working closely with you, we can identify the most pertinent issues your workforce faces, ensuring that the content and format of our sessions are a perfect fit for your specific needs.
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Retrenchment Counselling

When employees get retrenched, they have to make important financial decisions while being in a fragile emotional state. An independent counsellor can diffuse a lot of the emotion and help them make the correct decisions. Services I offer include:

  • Explaining the details of the severance package & unpacking the tax implications
  • Go through the company retirement, risk and medical aid benefits. Work out what needs to be continued
  • Working out a budget and a cashflow plan on how to meet it

Benefit counselling to members of retirement funds

This session would unpack the benefits offered by the retirement fund and help the members make the right decisions. It would also provide one on one counselling to members who are retiring and work through the various options that are available.

Workshops can be run for employees that are within 5 years of retirement. It is at this stage that many employees start to panic as they realise their savings are inadequate.

I help them use the last 5 years of employment to close part of the gap.


  • One on one consultation


  • 3 Hour Workshop


  • Full day workshop