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Is this the time to invest?

These are interesting times where great fortunes are made and lost.

The more understanding we have of what is going on, the better our chances are of ending up on the making of great fortunes side so at the moment I am tending to over communicate because there is so much happening.

One of the perks of the lock-down is that more investment presentations are given via webinar which means I get to attend more of these talks.

I attended a really interesting one this morning on The impact and opportunities of the recent market volatility …but before you do, here are the headlines!

It is often at times of high market volatility that the best opportunities to buy shares in companies at very attractive levels present themselves.

  • This is the fastest market correction ever.
  • SA shares have priced in the worst downturn in history.

This is an event driven market correction.  These corrections have a sharp V shape and typically recover quickly.

South African Companies have never been this cheap and the current market fall has opened up some massive investment opportunities going forward.

Call me so we can look at your personal circumstance before you enter this market where great fortunes could be made or lost.